Pure Essential Oils

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Pure Essential Oils for diffuser. Made from all natural ingredients from Plant Extract.
All safe non chemical and non toxic.
  • Usage : used in aromatherapy, sauna, foot bath, massage, bath, etc. 
  • Purifying air: Add a few drops of essential oil to the pure water and air, purify the fresh air and kill the virus.
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Lavender: Help sleep, soothing, promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion, treat burns and sunburn and obvious effect, can improve acne, eczema, psoriasis and scars. Improve muscle pain, menstrual pain, headache and dizziness, anti rheumatism, influenza, treatment of burns, trauma, lower blood pressure, insecticide.
Lemongrass: whitening, balance oil secretion, shrink pores, improve microvascular rupture, soften the skin, treated by sores and flat wart. Sterilization, stimulate the blood circulation, improve digestion, enhance immunity, reduce muscle pain, anti rheumatism, improve the cold, anemia, help lymphatic drainage.
Tea tree: fresh fragrance, make a person composed, restores the physical strength, anti inflammation infection.
PepperMint: refreshing cool, refreshing. Indications: clear throat throat, to eliminate bad breath has a very good effect, and have a unique effect of relief.
Rosemary: the most famous effect, is to enhance the memory, make people clear-headed, structured, the most suitable for candidates, or use the brain over the people. It is also beneficial liver and gallbladder, it helps to detoxification, the effectiveness of purification; heart failure can also use rosemary

Orange oil: can effectively improve the skin dry, reduce wrinkles, promote metabolism and whitening skin. Be able to inspire the spirit, eliminate stress and restore vitality. Orange oil can also treat insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, improve laryngeal discomfort, asthma, bronchitis and antiviral infection.

Main ingredient: plant extracts
Capacity: 10ml/bottle
6 bottles/box
Durability period: 3 years
How to Use:
Suitable for aromatherapy diffuser. Added drops of essential oil into the pure water then turn on the device. Then enjoy the aromatherapy.
Please clean the water tank if you change fragrance.
How to store:
Keep in cool place without the sunshine.
Keep away form children or pets.

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